School difficulties

Tice nasce come centro per promuovere il benessere scolastico: since 2006 we have been of adolescents who experience difficulties in school.
Le difficoltà di cui ci occupiamo riguardano sia abilità generali come attenzione, motivazione e organizzazione sia competenze specifiche.  Molti dei our students in a few months they change their way of being at school and their perception of self-efficacy

Neurodivergenza e scuola

In presenza di neurodivergenza, il nostro servizio è rivolto sia al supporto allo studio in termini di abilità di apprendimento scolastico, come la costruzione del metodo di studio, strategie di goal setting/pianificazione e automonitoraggio, strategie motivazionali e la realizzazione di strumenti compensativi, che al raggiungimento di benessere scolastico, attraverso la costruzione o riabilitazione dell’immagine di se come studente,  imparando a conoscere le proprie difficoltà senza che queste ostacolino il proprio percorso di crescita e a valorizzare i propri punti di forza.

Matematica e materie scientifiche

I nostri disciplinaristi, faculty of mathematics/physics/computer science and biologyare trained in the use of the methods of cognitive behavioral and guide students in experiences of understanding, awareness, and the gradual increase of the pleasantness of the content. 

Benessere Scolastico

Orient in the future

School guidance

We support adolescents and young adults at the end of the secondary schools of first and second degree to become aware of and to orient in the choice of school or University or the professional path/work. 

For us, the orientation to the future is a continuous process in which the student becomes aware of his own strengths and tries to align them with its system of values.

“What do you want to do?” this is the first question we ask every person who comes in contact with Tice!

Our psychological journey bring you the future, the dreams and desires of the individual at the centre of the intervention.

Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice
Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice

Scegliere la scuola secondaria di II grado

The project of our school guidance includes 4 phases:

  1. Interview with the family in which we analyze the expectations of the parents, or the parent has with respect to the future of education and of the son, 
  2. Collection of data and information on the school performance and social skills by the family and, if necessary, by the school
  3. Clinical consultation with the kid in which to investigate the awareness of the strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of the academic, social, and evaluation of the dreams and aspirations.
  4. Administration of tests and questionnaires specific guidance 
  5. Interview and concluding with the family and guy where to define in a conscious way and a consistent choice of school 



What happens after high school?

For many adolescents, the end of high school is a time of deep crisis.
For this our professionals are trained to support every student in this time of transition.


Per chi vuole iscriversi all'Università

Through clinical consultation, testing, psychologists and analysis of the values we try to identify the courses of studies potentially eligible. 

We support the learner in a process of “diving in the near future” through a series of exercises that will help him to expose himself to the complexity, anticipating the difficulties and looking for solutions. 

Sometimes, we accompany the student in the city where the university is located and, together with him, we share some of the lessons. Our staff has experience to guide the student to become aware of their own dreams, aspirations and desires, not focusing only on those projects deemed to be of functional access to the world of work.

Per chi vuole trovare lavoro o non sa cosa fare

Confusion, doubt, and apathy toward the future are the feelings with which our team you face every day. When we are faced with students with these difficulties, in addition to the administration of tests on the orientation, we proceed with a course psycho-education on how current research work and a series of interviews, psychological to highlight attitudes and values. 

If the student has emotional difficulties (anxiety), we accompany you in the different phases through exposure to imagine that in vivo. We are in contact with and training bodies, regional and provincial recognize to guide the student in the selection of any professional course. Often, these courses help the student to identify their best potential. 

Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice



Social difficulty

There are many reasons for the current society makes it very complex processes of socialization in adolescence.
More and more teenagers find themselves excluded or alone and is struggling to fit into groups, or companies in the afternoons after school, or during the weekend. 

Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice

Well aware that the socialization and the appearance of a group are factors highly related to psychological well-being, at TICE we have developed socialization and support in finding the group that makes it to the teenager.”

Our team after analyzing the interests and abilities of each individual student, through role playing and social games, it promotes the creation of small groups of students. 

Groups of students are guided in the development of independent activities outside of time (eat a pizza together, go fishing). Many of the groups of adolescents who were born in Tice have become lasting friendships, even after the end of the path!

Vacanze, estate e capodanno

“What are you doing new year's eve?” Or “This summer, where to go on holiday?” 

These are some of the the questions most feared by teenagers themselves or who struggle to fit into a social group. Through specific pathways, we help the student to organize and plan vacations, and experiences with groups created in the Tice or other organizations.

Our students through specific pathways of the psycho-educational learn programming experience looking to engage other peers, plan your costs and ensure the participation of their families in the design. 

Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice

Rischi del Web

Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice

Our professionals are trained to develop routes psycho-educational, to help boys and girls to the safe use of the social and the web.

Our projects are composed of a psycho-education group, that of the individual moments of reflection. Often, we can create so much awareness in young people themselves ask us supervision to the various social profiles; thus, in agreement with the families, we participate in the social life of our teenagers. 

The values that guide our initiatives for the promotion of cyber security awareness, mediation, and sharing. For us, the web, used with awareness can become a tool for personal growth and relational. In our company years, we seek to engage children in the use of the web as an engine of social responsibility and try to generate activism and participation.

Cittadinanza attiva

Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice

Research and studies on adolescence shed light on that participate actively in the life of the community promotes personal well-being and social life.

For this reason, our professionals can help students find their “social mission” through tests, questionnaires, and direct experience.

Students who have approached the volunteers have become active parts of the associations and to reap personal benefit and bringing sense of civic pride in the community.

Sexuality and emotional life

“At what age did you do it the first time?” Or “But you're the girl?”

Adolescence is also a talk about sexuality and affectivity, sharing concerns and experiences. We think that there can be a search engine to answer the questions, the curiosity and fears of young people: this is why our team is prepared to develop projects psychoeducation sexuality and affectivity.

Help the kids to understand the distinction between experience and relationship, to generate awareness on the risks and know how to speak of desire and fantasy in sexuality are some of the themes that we propose in our paths. 

Adolescenti in difficoltà - Centro Tice



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