Imagine that you know at a young age that you are different.
Imagine that you see every day the difference with the other relationships around you.

Imagine your colleagues at work or your classmates speak of homosexuality, joking and pointing out that you are different. Imagine that the social and cultural institutions will inform that your difference is not acceptable. Imagine, ardently desire to be with others who are also their different, but you don't have a way to connect with them.

For many people, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT), this was the reality of their childhood and their development into adulthood. The long-lasting effects of the experience with such prejudices and discrimination are deep.

Discrimination generates difficulties: research shows that LGBT people have a higher rate of mental health problems than the general population.


LGBT people often struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-acceptance due to the continuous discrimination in the course of their life. Young LGBT people have a risk of three or four times higher than attempt suicide than their peers.

There is evidence of the fact that these higher rates of mental health problems are due to constant exposure and intense of LGBT persons to prejudice and social discrimination, and institutional. There are many similarities between the effects of discrimination and the way in which people react and deal with the stress that is directly related to the injury.


It is important to remember, however, that not all LGBT people have experienced the same experiences and that people respond to similar experiences in different ways. It is also important to note that the issues of sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, and bisexual) are very different from the problems of gender identity (transgender). 

To TICE we have created a community of LGBTQ+ dedicated to the staff, customers and families LGBTQ+ that may have to meet, get to know each other and provide mutual support.

Our Community wants to help people LGBTQ+ the world Tice
to develop meaningful relationships that can be of assistance in times of difficulty.

The Community LGBTQ+ has theobjective is to promote the rapprochement of the people to national associations and local and a more active participation in the activities of advocacy. 

The community LGBTQ+ of Tice finds himself once a month at the headquarters of Tice for enjoying an evening in the company of friends.

If you want to participate, write to