The health emergency has generated a wave of psychological malaise that has forced us to rethink our approach to well-being and mental health, reaching to generate a new paradigm of care and treatment to people who ask us for help. 
People have spent a lot of time in the sun, and the various symptoms of anxious depression have worsened and hundreds of adolescents and young adults have drastically reduced social interactions. At a psychological level, we recorded an increase of emotions and unpleasant, rimugini to continue, the fear of the judgment of others and the decrease of the experiences the fear of failure. 
The paths to individual psychological have the limit, exacerbated by the pandemic, do not work directly on the problematic situation, but on the thoughts and worries that the person experiences. Think of a person that tells the fear of being judged, and not ever meets people: it is natural that these thoughts grow, change and shall, in a manner independent of experience. Groups Tice are opportunities to make social experiences in an environment that is friendly, secure, and different from the everyday context in which we live (in short, a place where you can make mistakes and fail without tests negative consequences). 

To meet the psychological needs and organizational needs of the people, we have developed 3 types of groups.

Groups Winter

The groups Winter si svolgono nella sede di Tice Piacenza (Galleria di Piazza Cavalli, 7/B) e nella sede di Correggio (Via Ronchi, 26) . Giorni e orari da definire.
The groups Winter the purpose is to support participants to achieve their change through the experiences of the gradual sharing.
Are suitable for people who experience anxiety in social situations or in the context of business or the individuals who face a painful moment or a relationship crisis.
The groups are formed by a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 8 people.
The group rules are simple and can be shared: it is important to be kind to others, respectful, reserved, available, and curious.
Some of the participants of the groups are followed by psychologists and therapists to Tice, others, however, are followed by other professionals or not they are carrying out psychological journey. 
The best way to understand the experience of groups of Tice and read some of the feedback of the participants. 
“I wanted to thank you for including me in this project. In the weekend just passed, so boring, I thought that a meeting such as the one Tuesday would have been the turning point of exit from the boredom of this confinement.
Then they are happy and look on Thursday, as if it were a mega party! Thank you!”
“For a week I only thought to find an excuse to not participate...but I really understand that I need these experiences to change, and that is an appointment that I need to get better”
“The first feeling is that I don't feel alone, I have seen other people who suffer, but I have never felt judged”
“The group's Tuesday is my appointment with myself! Sometimes I feel the same feeling of how much you exercise, I feel tired, but happy”
“The exercise body made me embarrass a lot, I thought I would disappear. Then I saw that others were experiencing similar feelings. Come to the group is an opportunity to put to the test, as to see if the therapy works...”

Groups, Summer

During the summer, we organize our days and the psychological group. It is therapies, experiential using adventure activities or in touch with nature to support the process of change.
The participants are not aware of the precise destination, receiving information on the type of clothing and what you need to bring the day before the agreed date.
The day is then punctuated by moments of opening the emotional and mindfulness, 
associated with adventure in nature.
The days of psychological are opportunities to detach yourself from everyday life 
and enter into a perspective of awareness and openness.

Online Groups

Throughout the year we organize meetings of the psychological group online (via the platform ZOOM).
Our groups, based on principles of the ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), have the goal of developing a model of psychological intervention group, high accessibility, zero environmental impact, with a low cost and a probability of compliance.
Our groups are particularly suitable for young people and adults with symptoms of anxiety, but not only.
The meetings are anonymous (the person enters the group with an invented name) and last for one hour:
alternate moments of the group at times in groups of 3 or 4 people, in which you perform specific exercises. 

Responsible: Dr. ssa Francesca Cavallini

Which ones to choose?

If you are interested in participating in our group meetings please contact the administrator che saprà guidarti nella scelta del gruppo più adatto alle tue esigenze. Come prassi alla fine di ogni ciclo di incontri di gruppo viene suggerita ai partecipanti una proposta terapeutica da integrare al percorso psicologico eventualmente già attivo o da sostituire ai gruppi.

After the groups?

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the paths, we propose groups of autonomy (3/4 participants who have already made a path group). It is to the locations where the psychologist is preparing a series of psychological exercises that the small group is engaged in autonomy. The goal is to promoting awareness on their dynamic behavior and psychological in the context of the group. The paths to autonomy are developed for both on-line and in vivo.

And finally?

At the end of the paths of the group, we propose to participants, either alone or in a small group, to do something for the community Tice (eg: blog, write something, the video for adolescents, to create a community).
We call this phase action committed: the goal is to assist and support participants to see their own psychological growth and staff as a tool for activation, and support for other people in the community.

If you want to participate in the groups, please write to:

Carlo Cavallini (Piacenza)
Mobile phone: 3801510475

Clear Marks (Correggio)
Mobile phone: 3477692587

Francesca Cavallini (Online Groups)
Mobile phone: 340 0648709