The act 107 of 2015 defines the training of the staff of the school as a “mandatory, permanent, and strategic,” and recognizes it as an opportunity for the effective development and professional growth, a renewed credibility to the social contribution to the innovation and qualification of the education system. 

For most of us, Tice, take care of training means the transfer of academic knowledge in the field, through a work of technology transfer, which allows everyone to learn about strategies, skills and knowledge, and apply it in their daily lives.  

S. O. F. I. A.

S. O. F. I. A. is the Operating System for the Training and the activities of the Update of the teachers of the M. I. U. R.
Within the platform each teacher role has an online space available for document its story training and professional.
S. O. F. I. A. record all training initiatives to which the teacher has participated in, which are included in his curriculum professional.
Registration and a training initiative on S. O. FI.To. it is useful to the purposes of certification and does not imply no obligation participation to the instructor.


TICE ON S. O. F. I. A.

Starting from the school year 2022-2023 Tice has obtained the recognition of some of the courses which you can find by visiting the platform S. O. F. I. A. in search of the catalog of Tice Social Cooperative.