Looking for a service of supervising BCBA focused on the application of the principles Behavior Analysis Applied?

Are you looking for the supervision of cases
or complex situations in the work
with children and teenagers with disabilities?

Tice deals training and supervision of a BCBA, BCaBA, and RBT and the analysts of the behavior of more than 15 years.
We provide consulting services and training for educators and parents from birth up to 3 years, school-age children and adults with a diagnosis of autism,
pervasive developmental disorders, other developmental disabilities and problem behavior or difficulties.

Our supervising BCBA

Progetti per le aziende
It is available to ANY trader in ABA research mentor BCBA experts that focus on the application of skills, ABA, are familiar with the BOARD) Fieldwork Tracker and are updated with the guidelines BOARD).


The relationship of Supervisor / Candidate BCBA is established with clear guidelines, agreement and mutual respect. With these basics, you can monitor, in a coherent and clear communication on the practices recommended (logs of the field work, data analysis and other aspects of the practice)

Our supervisors

Percorsi di autonomia
Our supervisors are responsible for the development of all aspects of the repertoire, including the skill set of assessment and treatment, and skill set of ethical values in general, professional behavior and interpersonal skills to interact with parents, clients, colleagues and other professionals .
We welcome anyone looking for the services of supervision.
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Are you a teacher in trouble? You can't manage problem behaviors of a child or for the whole class? You feel uncomfortable and start to think of “not be able” or “not your work”, it may be time to ask for help and supervision.

Tice involved in the training and supervision of teachers in schools of early childhood, primary and secondary first and second grade. 
We provide advice and supervision to teachers and support teachers, class, alone or in small teams.

Our supervisors

The team supervisions is composed of pedagogical and psychological education through an analysis of the problems presented to support the teacher in the application of methodologies and procedures that will promote the functional behaviour of the child and/or the class as a group.

Great attention is given in the offer strategies that enable teachers to become able to define functionally the problem and in parallel to gain awareness of the psychological impact of the same.

We take care of supervision in the management of problem behaviours of children with a diagnosis or children who do not have the diagnosis, including: 

  • aggressive behaviour (kick, punches, push..)
  • rude behavior (to answer, spit, say the words..)
  • emotional aspects (not to mention, burst out crying..)
  • stimulation of the genitals (for children or young girls stimulate during the lessons)
  • other behaviors deemed problematic
In addition, often, teachers ask us to supervision in order to feel effective in their communication with parents.

Do you want to listen to some history teachers
in trouble?

We have created a playlist of stories that relate the experiences of several teachers. Each story tells of an experience that really happened, we observed and for which there was supervision required. 

You are a teacher and you think you have need of supervision?
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Are you a psychologist or a psychotherapist who works alone?
You feel you need to work on a case or on your mode of work?

Tice deals clinical supervision for psychologists and psychotherapists who work with children, adolescents, and young adults.
Our supervisions are moments of listening, understanding and sharing; try to support the links in the see the problem from another point of view by implementing methodologies and tools updated.
We also clinical supervision for children and young people with communication disorders of neurodevelopment, difficulty, emotional and social. Our supervisions are some intense moments in which we require the availability of a colleague to get in the discussion, and get inspired by our mode of work.
Our supervisors are psychologists, psychotherapists who have a doctoral degree in psychology and a special interest in the formation of other colleagues, psychologists and psychotherapists.
Our supervisors are professors and teachers at schools of psychotherapy recognized by the ministry of education.
Tice Sede di Correggio


What is the training practice Tice?


The training practice Tice is an experience that is placed within a wider educational context in which theand the theoretical knowledge acquired in the courses of study and/or research are used in a real-world environment. 

The experience Tice involves the professional training of a series of activities typically carried out by psychologists (for example, intervention, evaluation, reporting, supervision, discussion of cases, consultation and observation of the clinical work of others) or by the educators and can be in a variety of contexts (classroom Tice, or the environment in which it is carried out the treatment). 

In the choice of activities in which the professional-in-training may be involved, the determining factor is the the development of the skills and expertise of the professional in training starting with those that are his expectations, and his learning needs. In the course of the training course is practical, professional training is exposed to a graded series of professional activities that are progressively more challenging, and with more responsibility. 

our goal is to support and facilitate the opportunities for practical training in order to make the professional-in-training able to transfer the skills learned in professional practice. 

Why we thought to the practical training to Tice?

Most of the professionals who have followed our training paths, or have known Tice have asked us to do, to act, to act in what they had learned over the years of study.
Many times we hear phrases of type:
“I need to practice”
“I would like a formation to the contact with the patients”
“I'd like to be able to see live what I studied”
For this reason, we have developed learning paths individualized practice. The professional training is inserted in the services in which they want to practice (children, adults, and disorders of neurodevelopment, psychopathology, etc...) and had the opportunity to know what really concrete of our profession.
Formazione pratica

What is the difference between a traineeship?

The training practice Tice it differs from a placement because the path of training is defined with the professional-in-training, tools are provided as concrete as materials, psycho-educational and sheets of socket data.

Unlike an internship, a curriculum, or a post-graduate the distribution of the hours/days of practical training is to be determined in agreement with the student.
Remember that the path of practical training:
  • does not have a specific duration, you can decide the frequency and duration appropriate for your situation
  • can you relate to 1 or more services Tice
  • helps you build a network with other agencies/professionals
Formazione pratica

How can I do a course of practical training? 
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Federica Berardo
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