The service is dedicated to families and children from 2 to 11 years
with autism or disorders of neurodevelopment.

Disorders of Neurodevelopment

The disorders of neurodevelopment occur in the the early stages of development and are characterized by the deficit in the operation of the personal, social, and school.

Can relate to only one field (for example, the language or the learning outcomes), or be present at once, making the picture more complex in terms of diagnostic and therapeutic. Professionals TICE have a specific preparation on the individual disorders and training in Applied Behavior Analysis. This allows us to offer an evidence-based intervention and individualized for each child.


After an initial assessment of the children receive individualized programs by psychologists, educationalists, speech therapists and neuropsicomotricisti, using methods derived
fromABA (behavioral science applied).

The intervention is being supervised
from BCBA qualified internal staff.

Each path is characterized by a constant attention
for the aspects of the emotional and relational
of each individual and his or her family.

For this reason, they are the proposed routes of parent support and parent training to provide to the family not only strategies, but also a path of self-awareness and personal growth.

The service is developed in environments that mimic the context of the natural life of children (school/kindergarten).
The paths of the psycho-educational maintained relationships with adult-to-child
depending on the level of development and acquisitions of each student
(1:1, 1:2, 1:3).

Social inclusion as a primary value

The development of the intervention programme is guided by the value of promoting social inclusion of the child in all of its aspects, starting from the school.
For this reason, our team work closely with teachers and educators to ensure generalization to the contents that are taught to the child.

Often, in agreement with the teachers and family, we go to class to tell the disorder of the child, answering questions from classmates and offering effective strategies to increase the involvement of the child.

Also, we try to support the families (grandparents, aunts, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters) to make them aware and get them to become a community of support to the treatment.


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