The project aims to help the patient and his family
in a media path, the enhancement of the skills currently present
and promotion of new skills.

The speech therapist it deals with the evaluation of the languageto obtain reliable data on the functioning of the different language and communication skills through standardized tests, and structured observations, in order to stretch the budget logopedico, aimed at identifying and overcoming the need of health of the patient.

The speech therapist search strategies to ensure a good development of not only linguistic but also to cognitive and emotionalthrough the writing of the goals of treatment and the choice of the therapeutic activities of habilitation and rehabilitation of communication and language, verbal and non-verbal.

The speech therapist inside Tice collects data on the intervention and shares them with colleagues and the family, is an active part of the interdisciplinary team of psychologists, psicomotricisti and educationalists, leading to greater generalization and automation of competences is the object of the treatment.

The synergy between the different professional figures
provides an integrated intervention.

The clinical practice is carried out also with theobservance of the EBM (Evidence-Based medicine), so use the best evidence from research and to ensure compliance with national and international guidelines. In this sense, the speech therapist has the task of maintaining their professional competence to optimal levels through a suitable upgrade in the field of scientific research speech therapy.

In the age-specific developmental speech-language pathologist is responsible for:

  • the delays and disorders of language
  • disorders of articulation of the verbal fonatoria
  • disorders and learning difficulties
  • disorders of verbal fluency (stuttering)
  • swallows incorrect, muscle imbalance oro-facial and failure velo-pharyngeal

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