To Tice we are about 30 professionals working in the group for several years.
We have had the privilege of living and motherhood together.
Be mothers, and psychologists does not preserve all the complexity psychological linked to the desire of maternity or motherhood itself.

Some of us have had maternity biological, others have followed paths of PMA (Medically Assisted Procreation), some of us have adopted or taken into the foster care of a child.
At the beginning we helped and encouraged each other and discover how many lived were really intense and often complex to live by the sun.

From this experience, informal we have developed a community of moms psychologists/psicoterapeute that have examined the issue of support and advice to mums.

We have developed the routes of the awareness of the desire to become a mother or routes of support during and after pregnancy. Our psychologists support mothers with advice and live online that have the purpose to highlight emotional difficulties and disorders deeper (postpartum depression, baby blues).


Our testimonies

Thoughts and emotions
before or during pregnancy 

“I'm not sure I want a son.”

“I'd like a son, but I'm scared to be born with a disability” 

“I don't know whether to do the amniocentesis because I don't know which decision to make”

“I'm afraid to give birth”

Thoughts and emotions
after the birth

“I feel incapable to manage the child” 

“I feel discomfort when I wake up” 

“I feel desperate and without energy” 

“I have the constant fear of making a mistake” 

“I don't know if I love him”

“I have mixed feelings”

“I don't have intimacy with my partner”

Power, autonomy, and growth

“I hate to breastfeed at the breast, but I judge me for this” 

“Not to have milk makes me feel wrong” 

“It seems to me leaner than the other” 

“Continue to check out his percentile”

“I am terrified at the idea that you might get sick”

Sleep and diapers

The teacher of Tice and the team of Tice Kids have specialized in helping parents who experience difficulty in removing the diapers of the baby or struggling to manage the sleep waking. Psychology cognitive-behavioral developed paths, validated from the experimental research, which can be taught and then used by the parents. 


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Infant massage

Infant massage is a sequence of manipulations that stimulates the whole body of the child. It is an effective tool through which to strengthen the relationship between the child and the caregiver. The scientific evidence has highlighted many positive effects demonstrated on the development and maturation of the child's physical, psychological and emotional.


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Doubts on the motility and development of the newborn

The team neuropsicomotristi the evolutionary age and speech and language therapists  is prepared to assess the level of motor development and the child's language (0-24 months) responding to the concerns of the parents and planning for restoration and/or enhancement.

You have a concern about language?

You have questions about the motor?

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