Tice is the first learning centre in Italy that applies the principles of science applied behavior teaching study skills in autonomy with adolescents and young adults who experience difficulties.


The student in the initial phase, the need of continuous media and the gratifications to try again pleasure in the study.


Each student must be able to plan your study activities in a likely way, and compatible 
with the right level of attention.


When we insert a new student in a program of study, the level of his or her initial focus is very low: if we observe this for 15 minutes of his attention is for about 1/3 of the time.
Our programs help the student to become aware of distractions and manage your attention in active


The autonomy is a skill that you gain gradually.
Our students study 1:1 in the initial stage and then participate in study groups, always more numerous.

Our programs of study are held at both locations Tice
that on line and have a frequency of 2, 3 or 4 times a week
for 2,3 or 4 hours every day.

What are the differences
between Tice and after

The goal of the after school traditional is to perform the tasks, and socialize. Tice is a psychological service that uses scientific methods to promote the welfare of the school. The goal of our professionals is to help each child to improve their self-image and its image as a student. We use homework and study as a means to achieve an objective psychological. For our students to attend an after-school traditional (managed by educators, pedagogues and teachers) often becomes a objective: when the student will become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and be able to ask for help, be able to attend an after-school traditional.

Because psychologists instead of teachers in specific disciplines?

We have teachers that are specific to each discipline since the scientific literature for evidence that the image that each boy has of himself as a student will affect all the areas of learning. To Tice, we work to show the student how to react when you do not know to perform a task, such as ask for help when he feels he does not succeed, and how to discover their strengths. Teach investigate means for us to to feel every student who is a “good” studentable to learn. No matter the success in a single area, but we care and we support the harmonious development of the student as an active agent of change.

Because let's integrate more programs of study with interviews psychological?

Because in this century, the mental health of anyone who is put to the test from the stress and the challenges that society imposes on us.
Become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, learn how to share emotions is a protective factor of fundamental importance.
Don't want to study is only, this is the problem. No commitment. If I had I the chance that he has him. Suffice it to so little. Never does anything.

These are some of the phrases that we have heard over the academic difficulties of the young people that we follow. Integrate the programs of study with interviews psychologists allows us to promote their psychological well-being and emotional. 

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