We firmly believe that nature plays a fundamental role in the promotion of human well-being: for this we have opened an office of Tice immersed in nature, and we invest in research as applied to the relationship between nature and man.

The research highlights the many benefits of nature on mental well-being and physical being of the children, including stress reduction, increased physical health, more creativity, and better concentration.

The health benefits and the related cognitive that the kids can draw from the routes psycho-educational outdoor, nature also provides them with a sense of wonder and a deeper understanding of our responsibility to take care of the Earth. Our approach aims to help children, adolescents, and young adults to reconnect with nature by conducting research, by incorporating the outdoors in the clinical interventions, and educating the parents. For this each of the services that we offer in our office of Correggio has a component of outdoor therapy, which provides outdoor experiences with specific objectives for the development and well-being. Outer space is a therapeutic setting, non-conventional, which acts as a facilitator in many cases, the ability of self-listening, openness and awareness of the present moment.

The key Points of the PSYCHOLOGY OUTDOOR

psicologia outdoor
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Professionals Tice are trained in the application of a full range of treatment modalities, which includes:

Talks in contact with nature

We want to bring people to be with the nature, support them in recovering contact with smells, sensations and noises present in our biological memory. For us to do interviews in nature means to add an item to the therapeutic relationship. 

experiences in nature

Walk, eat, run, meditate in a group in the open air are some of the experiences that we offer to support adolescents and young adults to become aware of the personal relationship and the human with the natural elements


Concerned with nature brings benefits to physical and psychological for this to tice, we organize routes in which to learn to take care of plants and trees.

To Tice, we want to:

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