For us, the change that has led Tice was able to see the things that our son knows how to do, and not those that don't know how to do

Lucy and Matthew
the parents of a child with autism 4 years


To Tice is as if I see more clearly the limits and potential of myself

The 24-year-old college student

Testimonianze - Centro Tice

First I thought that the psychologist was crazy then I realized that it is crazy to not go there

19 years, in difficulties on the job


My change is that I try to stop myself when I'd like to throw things on the floor, I try to understand my emotions

8 years, challenging behaviour

Supporto alle neomamme

My change would be to have a school for animals

Bice, 7 years, girl with speech disorder


I want to be a fireman and play football, and even if you are a female and Tice, I realized that my dreams are... Righteous, even if they look strange

Francesca,11 years, girl with dyslexia

Testimonianze - Centro Tice

My change is you understand that I'm not stupid why use concept maps but I use maps because I learn in a different way

12 years, child with dyslexia

dsa disturbi specifici dell'apprendimento

I would like to try to not care for most of what others say. Yes, here, I would like this

16 years old, a girl with emotional difficulties

metodo di studio adolescenti

I am dyslexic, I am dyslexic, I am dyslexic! I've changed. First when I heard about dyslexia, I was sore belly. Now I know, say it and I live it. Yes I am dyslexic

13-year-old boy with dyslexia


My son has an intellectual disability, difficulty in many contexts, I have begun to dream that could come true, in a different way, but be realized

45 years

Testimonianze - Centro Tice

I am the mother of a child with autism to Tice I have learned to see better, as more far away the way I feel: it helps me see my suffering... I don't know I manage better if only I could see

31 years


I am a homosexual and I wanted to change how the world sees the gay Tice, I realized that the first one to accept me had to be me


Testimonianze - Centro Tice

My son is still peeing on him in the night. I was ashamed to talk about it and I thought it was my fault. My change was to ask for help and see what the talk of the difficulty makes them look less big

45 years


I have panic attacks. I stopped driving my change I do in the afternoon we tried again... If I do that, I

41 years


I am gambiano. I'm here to ask for asylum. They came to psychologists, you Tice in the field. We have said of the emotions. I understand that I have the nostalgia

The 25-year-old boy migrant

Testimonianze - Centro Tice

I have not changed completely, that is, I am, but I understood the risks that I ran online

16 years


I'm not ready to think about that a little bit is my fault how others react, but I know that in a bit I'll be ready

17-year-old boy with oppositional defiant disorder

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