Una modalità innovativa di formazione: vivi un'esperienza reale da psicologo, ascoltando le nostre serie podcast:

Podcasts are real cases, recited by actors, and bring the listener to immedesimerai psychologist, the protagonist, offering the possibility of listening to his thoughts.

The mode of thinking of the psychologist to support the awareness of the modes of clinical reasoning and critical thinking, giving way to every psychologist to assess the differences and similarities in the approach to the representation of the problem.

The realism of the situation, the sound effects and the structure of podcasts, allow a full emotional participation and ensure an engaging learning.

At Tice is in the course of a research project to demonstrate the effectiveness of podcast as a methodology of teaching of clinical reasoning. 

Ti trovi ad affrontare per la prima volta una problematica psicopatologica e sei in difficoltà? Hai paura e ti senti insicuro? Vorresti ascoltare come farebbe un tuo collega?

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