The enhancement with the Precision Teaching

Not only novels: every book, manual, or treaty-writing brings with it a history, and this book starts from the photocopies. 

Yes, because when I started working as a psychologist, I realized that the majority of texts for children in primary schools is free of exercises. There are plenty of pages devoted to the explanation of the content and very few for the practice. So teachers, speech therapists, psychologists and educators spend a good part of their time to make copies. 

The Curriculum of Readingas the whole series of Curriculum Tice, is the book that every teacher or technician of learning you want: each tab contains hundreds of exercises, and the sequence of cards is designed in such a way so gradual the students improves without making any mistakes. 

The phrase, which often describe the Curriculum of Reading to their colleagues, psychologists, speech therapists, or teachers?
Any card need to face any difficulty which may have the child with whom you work, you can find it in the curriculum!

600 cards operating of letters, syllables, and words of frequent!
The Curriculum of Reading it is the first of its kind in Italy: the first collection of operational materials suitable to integrate the teaching Fluency Based, and the Precision Teaching!

A single text to teach, consolidate and do love reading!

Francesca Cavallini

The Curriculum educational Tice
can be purchased
with a course that provides

theoretical introduction

description of the Curriculum

supervision online or in vivo

Our curriculum and educational



An evaluation criteriale of the learning of fundamental importance in order to identify the path to the strengthening of the primary school (reading, writing and calculation). 



A real response to requests for exercise of the school skills of reading and its prerequisites (metafonologia, reading sublessicale, and lexical) 



A real response to requests for exercise of the school skills
of basic mathematics and its prerequisites (as the reading of the numbers and the facts arithmetic).



A practical response to requests for exercise of the competences related togrammatical analysis with 692 pages that include the analysis of the different parts of the sentence. 



A real response to requests for exercise of the skills spelling (digraphs and trigraphs, double and accents, the use of H, the elision and the truncation)

Why to choose Curriculum Tice?

When a teacher, a speech therapist or a psychologist having to schedule an augmentation surgery, it's important to have the right material, and a structure that allows it to support the learning of children and young people with Special Educational Needs. 

The curriculum educational Tice are designed and created to allow everyone to learn.

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