What are the CENTERS TICE?

It is of small communities for children, adolescents, and young adults who represent the heart of our approach.

CENTRI TICE - Centro Tice
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In the city of Piacenza we have centers dedicated to children (Tice Kids), adolescents with learning difficulties and emotional (Tice Teen), and centers for adolescents and young adults with special educational needs who experience difficulties in socialization and in the design of the futureTice In The Future).

Tice Correggio instead, it is a large, single centre, immersed in the countryside , where all of our services and our users use nature as a common element.

At each Center, Tice, it is possible to socialize, learn, and learn to live in a small community, social.

Open all the weekdays, our centers are characterized by a relaxed and supportiveindispensable to relate to others, to study, to participate in one of our projects.

Summer School

The key points OF the CENTERS TICE

  • The centers are safe environments

    supervised by our therapists to support children or young people, encouraging relationships, comparing, and group work.

  • Often in the centers Tice organize events dedicated to the families or children

    to reflect together on important issues concerning the mental health and education.

  • the Tice become centers of activity healthy, inclusive and supportive

    open from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 19.00 and on Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00 with our psychologists and tutors are always present,

  • At the centers, it can be followed individually or in small groups

    while, when you reach a good level of autonomy, it is possible to attend the centres as a tutor.

We collaborate with other professionals
and with the school?

Yes, absolutely. Tice is structured to provide a therapeutic community, flexible and inclusive.

We understand the importance of continuity, and then, if there is a pre-existing relationship with a therapist or a professional, we will work in coordination to support our user and its clinical goals.

In the same way, to promote the well-being of school, our students, and to support teachers, we are always at the disposal of the school and the family, to mediate, to share and to support teachers and parents.

Why Tice are
so important?

As we like to say, our strength is the community psychology!

We believe that our environment of the community open and shared to promote socialization, allows you to exchange ideas and foster healthy discussion among peers who face the same challenges in social, academic, and professional.

Learning how to get involved and maintaining social interactions sustainable and healthy day after day within the community of Tice, develop the skills that lead to interactions and social connections sane in the wider community of family, school, work, and friends.

We like to imagine the centers Tice
as a place in which everyone can be themselves.
Small workshops of life and relationships in which to experience the change

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