To Tice promote participation in structured activities of volunteering and active citizenship on the territory; very often accompany boys and young adults to ask for information and, if they have difficulty, we are with them in the first moments of the group.  

Be an agent of change in the community, not only promotes therapeutic benefits, but is also a source of personal satisfaction.

Why is volunteering useful?

Promote a sense of community and belonging to a group is one of the biggest changes that we can give back, while also generating a positive impact on the territory.

Return and supporting charitable initiatives promotes a sense of inner purpose and implementation capable of strengthening the mental and emotional health of every guy. Often the participation in voluntary activities encourages greater responsibility and positive socialization.


Professionals Tice have direct contact with the voluntary associations to ensure that they are suitable environments
to the needs, psychological and social conditions of each student.
We work every day to support individuals in the development of relationships that will add meanings to life and help them to become an actor of a global change.

Volunteering is associated to the paths Tice
it helps to develop a sense of social responsibility and the awareness of being part of a great community.
In this way, children and young people receive personal satisfaction and develop social relationships.

The key points OF the CENTERS TICE

  • we create social Experiences and free tours

    to make teens aware of the impact and meanings of being in a group

  • Community Tice

    we strive to create a sense of belonging to the community tice to provide a point of contact and support for popular format from the whole team and also to the other students

  • Interest groups

    we encourage the kids to create and join interest groups with other students of Tice.

  • associations

    we help boys to become involved in the lives of local associations

For us, every human being is an active part of the community
that feels they belong.

We work every day to support individuals in the development of relationships that will add meanings to the existence, and help the person to become an actor of global change

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