Device technology and learning

IN the COURSE Phd student: Martina Semino The doctoral project has the objective of verifying the effectiveness of virtual reality in the strengthening and rehabilitation of up-motor of the upper limb in the multi-disability, in particular in the...

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ricomincia la scuola

Starts school!

The start of school is approaching, and for many parents this last week is an excellent opportunity to resume the schedules and habits of the school. Not to mention the mix of emotions that...

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Mom, I want to do it alone!

È importante offrire al bambino l'opportunità di costruire la propria autonomia, proponendogli occasioni di attività che rispondano al suo interesse e al grado del suo sviluppo motorio. Come fare? Ce...

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Simply DAD

Due to the health emergency Covid19, the school has had to adapt and reinvent themselves. We see in these articles, the risks and potentialities of a digital school.

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My son is gay?

It can happen that the parents ask questions if you observe their behaviour is culturally considered to be female implemented by the boys, or vice versa, behaviour considered to be male dominated expressed by girls. Let's answer...

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bambini-morte (1)

Children and death

Many parents ask themselves whether it is right or not to participate in their children to a funeral. We will respond to your questions from a psychological point of view with Dr. ssa...

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