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A lesbian mom's doubts about heterologous reproduction


Suppose you have recommended this blog or were looking for autonomy online because you took. In that case, you're living, or you have concluded, by only/ao in pairs, a path of heterologous fertilization.

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If you have recommended this blog, or if you were looking for in autonomy on-line is because you took, you're living or you have concluded, by only/ao in pairs, a path of fertilization heterologous.

I chose to do the heterologous in front of the sea.
I had thought many times before that occasion, but I attribute that moment, at that sand stuck to my feet and the smell of the sea the date I made the decision.

Back from the sea, I have written in Google: “How to get a child with another woman.”
And I began our journey.

My journey

Travel to the heterologous, in the concrete look like an after-all.
Phone calls and daily drabbles to check success rates, outcomes, attempts, and emotions.
Emotions, but before the emotions, slimy, entangled, and entangling come they, thoughts

My thoughts

Days and days and ruminating (ruminate: think what could I have done differently in the past) and brood (brood: what will happen in the future) on this blessed y cursed fertilization heterologous.
With the parade of thoughts that used my poor mind as the catwalk.

Thoughts on the ethics of
“¿Will be right to do it, or I will go against nature?”

Thoughts superstitious
“Force of nature may cause adverse events and I'll be punished for this act,”

Thoughts on the identity
“¿But if I do it this way, I am a real mother?”

In short thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.
In my journey I have learned to live with them. From the beginning, I tried to fight them off a fight them, and then I had to accept the idea of them in my mind.

Still, 10 years after my first heterologous, almost nostalgic, I observe them regain position among the list of my concerns.

I like to share these thoughts with you and ask you... what thoughts did you have?

Francesca Cavallini | Presidente Tice Piacenza

Francesca Cavallini
Psychologist, Founder of the Tice, a Professor at the University of Parma, italy

With Silvia Perini's guidance, she started her Ph.D., which led her to study and work on precision teaching after graduating in psychology. During el doctorate, she had the opportunity to travel to America and know professor Carl Binder, which guided her in studying the principles of ABA in the company's management. Back in Italy, he founded Tice and, since then, has worked on social innovation and applied research combining his most significant interests: university and people.

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