Our history

Francesca Cavallini still today, the president of the cooperative, in the period immediately previous to the constitution, he had completed a period of 90 days on the stage in the United States in 3 learning center (learning centres). The learning center is a model of private services, of american origin, similar to an after school but managed by qualified staff (psychologists and educationalists with high levels of education such as master or phd), with high levels of individualization, and the exclusive use of methodologies evidence based. The birth and proliferation of the learning center in the United States is related to the analysis of the positive effects that their attendance helps children and youth (Durlak, Weissberg, Pachan, 2010; Lauer, Akiba, Wilkerson, Apthorp, Snow, Martin-Glenn, 2006).

The intuition of Francesca Cavallini it was that transfer, and adapt the american model of the learning center in the Italian culture by founding a co-operative society.

La cooperativa - Centro Tice

Why a co-operative society?

The social cooperative is a form of organization that, as inherent in the term, allows the professionals to co-operate for a common purpose.

Tice actually makes interventions territorial developing relationships in our community and responds to the demands and needs of children, adolescents, and young adults who otherwise would be cut off from the society.

Since its establishment, our cooperative is characterized by a constant relationship with the academic world that has influenced significantly the “innovative capacity” and “generative” of the organization.  

Why is a non-profit organization?

We are a non-profit organization because

  • WE take CARE of disadvantaged people by reason of physical condition, mental, economic, social or family members (including the members of the organization);
  • WE DO NOT DISTRIBUTEeven indirectly, profits and surpluses, as well as funds, reserves or capital;
  • We EMPLOY the useful or surpluses per the realization of the institutional activities
  • We produce EACH YEAR to the budget AND MAKE IT PUBLIC

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