At Tice follow and support adoptive parents and children or adolescents adopted. 

Young people who have been adopted are more likely to fragility specifications at Tice are not to be underestimated. 

Some research shows, in fact, the presence of disorders more frequent in children and teenagers growing up in the institute in the first years of their life.

These disorders affect learning or social behavior, and abnormalities in the level of cortisol, a factor that is compatible with high levels of stress) (Smyke et al. 2002; Zeanah, et al. 2005). 

In spite of these results, each and every child, and every child adopted may be accompanied by significant, if not complete, recovery under the aspect of socio-emotional or behavioural (Rutter, 2007).

To Tice, we welcome children and young people adopted by the awareness that the effects of the risk situations in which a good part of them may have been exposed (as the premature neglect or abuse) can be mitigated by working on protective factors, such as the development and strengthening of emotional skills, academic, and relational, that can increase their resilience. 

Psychologists of Tice also deal with Parent training, and Parent-Support, listening to the adoptive parents and their difficulties, offering group meetings to find and compare with other adoptive parents and not.

If need to be created together with parents programs ad-hoc to manage problematic behaviors that can occur within the home, especially during the first years of adolescence.

Bowlby (1982), a psychoanalyst of the british very well known, ended a chapter of his book on adoptions with a sentence full of hope:

“You can assume that the adoption, if it takes place in a context that is qualified, may offer the child roughly the same chance of having a family lives happily, almost as if it had grown in his family of origin”. 

Comunità Adozioni

This, together with the values of Tice of inclusion, respect, and scientific evidence, is the goal to which all the staff of Tice is inspired by welcoming a foster family.

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