You are a parent and you noticed the difficulties your child, or
the teachers have suggested a diagnosis?

You are a teenager or an adult
and have you noticed difficulty to which you do not know how to give a name?

To Tice is this a team of professionals formats specifically in the assessment regulations of different profiles to support children and adults.

Among the services offered, it is possible to find initial assessments and updates, profiles:

  • Specific Learning disorder or DSA (Dyslexia, Dysorthography, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia);
  • Learning difficulties (profiles below the expectations which do not meet the criteria DSA);
  • Intellectual functioning and Limit or FIL;
  • Autism Spectrum disorders;
  • Asperger syndrome and High-Functioning Autism;
  • Difficulties with emotional-motivational;
  • Difficulties in load memory, attention, and he and coordination and visuo-motor skills, visual-spatial, executive function,...

How is the rating?

Prior to the assessment itself, are collected items that are useful to locate the evidence most relevant to the characteristics of the child or adult.


Suspicious DSA or BES

Assessment for suspected ASD, learning difficulties and other profiles that fall in Need Special Educational provides the rating:

  • learning (reading, writing, logic-mathematics),
  • the profile of cognitive (IQ, memory, language,, he, abilities, visual-spatial, executive functions, attention) 
  • of the emotional, affective (depending on the age of the student will be evaluated on some or all of the following areas: well-being at school, self-esteem and self-efficacy, behavior)

The Autistic spectrum or Asperger Syndrome

In the case of suspected to be linked to the Autism Spectrum or Asperger Syndrome the assessment includes:

  • the administration of questionnaires to the caregiver and/or patient;
  • clinical observations conducted with the support of regulatory instruments.

Interview History

The evaluation always includes a interview history with the family in the case of a minor, or with the adult (which may be accompanied by significant others). 
In addition, it is always provided for the drafting of a final report that is annotated with the diagnostic 
in the final interview of return.

The possibility of Screening

Are also available routes reduced to only screening for Specific Learning disabilities and Asperger Syndrome that includes an interview, case history, a single evaluation meeting, the drafting of a final report and a final interview of return.

Sara Andolfi | Manager di sede Tice Kids Piacenza

Dr. ssa Sara Dobson
Responsible For Team Diagnosis

Training:  A psychologist and a further improvement in the Psychopathology of Learning, the Master ABA Master's degree in Neuropsychology of asd, BCBA, Phd candidate at UNIPV

After earning a degree in Psychology with address Cognitive-Neuropsychological at the University of Pavia, has played a path of Improvement in the Psychopathology of Learning at the University of Padua, a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Parma, and one in the Neuropsychology of DSA at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. It is a member AIRIPA (Italian Association for Research and Intervention in the Psychopathology of Learning) and has earned the title of the BCBA thanks to the supervision of prof.ssa Traci Cihon of the University of North Texas. He is currently a phd candidate in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Pavia.


  • TICE update always park testistico and can boast Batteries of cutting-edge toolsamong those of the more recent publication, that allow you to make assessments more and more sensitive and reliable compared to the past.

  • TICE accompanies children, teens, and adults in the understanding of the diagnosis through the paths of awareness  learn how to talk about your diagnosis

  • TICE teaches to answer the questions that often, classmates, work colleagues, friends and family members turn to those who are learning or “behaves” in a different way:

Because you use your own maps?
Why don't you ever read it out loud?
It is not just that you have less tasks because she communicates with the images?
I do not understand why it is so difficult for you to go out with friends for dinner...
Because when it is agitated fast-moving hands?

  • TICE helps patients and their families understand the specific characteristics of the various disorders of the evolutionary, with simple words and metaphors that help  to have “fear less” of the disorder. 

You've already seen the video in which we explain Dyslexia to children?

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