Participate in the implementation of Courses for Master's Level I and II courses and Specialisation Courses
in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Parma

The Centers Tice are the seats of Project work for the Master's degree in ABA (Behavior Analysis Applied) of the first and second level, and for the specialization Course Homework Assistant Bes” banned fromUniversità degli Studi di Parma.

  • is a university master – those who attend the master ABA Unipr first-or second-level gets a university degree
  • it is a strong union with the the world of research – during the master is expected to produce applied research and this helps people to get closer to the world of accountability or measure the results of their intervention.
  • it is closely related to the developmental psychology – students will be able to understand how the methods are associated with the development of the child and the stages of development known
  • it is characterized by a component of practice supervised – the partnership with institutions of the territory allows the students attending the master to practice in centers that apply methods derived the science of behavior applied
  • not only autism – the Master ABA Unipr you can see the science of behavior and applied, not only to autism, but also with children and adolescents who have Special Educational Needs or with adolescents, and young adults who are entering the world of work

Master's level
ABA per le professioni sanitarie
strategie evidence-based per la valorizzazione della neurodiversità

The Master di primo livello (ABA per le professioni sanitarie: strategie evidence based per la valorizzazione della neurodiversità) want to create a common language among educators, teachers, and the figures in the social and health care teams involved in the care of children and young people with disabilities. Provides concrete tools for teaching, rehabilitation, and data collection in order to combine the science of behavior applied (ABA) principles of research with the common pathways that are specific to each professional.

Locandina informativa Master ABA primo livello

Master level II
ABA e neurodiversità
strategie evidence-based per lo sviluppo dell'individuo e delle comunità

The Master di II livello in ABA (ABA e neurodiversità: strategie evidence based per lo sviluppo dell’individuo delle comunità) it is addressed to clinical psychologists and development who want to be part of a network of social entrepreneurs, psychologists, entrepreneurs who are eager to introduce the experimental evidence and the principles of science applied in their services, clinical psychologists who want to learn the practice of “CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy” without having to start from the beginning the school of psychotherapy, psychologists and doctors in psychology motivated to work in the services that implement the principles of the science of behavior applied.

Locandina Informativa Master ABA secondo livello

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