Applied research is a key element of the approach Tice
and want to respond to new social needs with solutions that are based on experimental evidence


At Tice is possible to be supported the development of this thesis bachelor's degree.
Many of our professionals are phds and/or experts on the subject enthusiasts of applied research that can guide the research assistant to integrate personal interests and the scientific literature.
For us to support a research assistant means you have the opportunity to continue to study and the students often came without a precise idea or with many assumptions confused and we we help them to find an argument that on the one hand, meets the personal interest and the other to be consistent from the conceptual point of view.

The prof.ssa Francesca Cavallini, lecturer at the department DUSIC, is the advisor of the thesis held in tice, on other occasions our staff
performs the function of the correlator outside.

The topics of the theses that follow relate mainly to:

  • the psychopathology in childhood and adolescence
  • new technologies and/or methodologies for enabling cognitive processes/skills/cognitive functions
  • psychology school
  • clinical psychology

Our approach is cognitive-behavioral, but we are open to improving our knowledge and collaborating with professors and teachers who prefer other theories.


At Tice, it is possible to play thesis compilation or experimental

The process provides the student interested send an e-mail to dr. ssa Eleonora Villani by specifying the university and the bachelor of origin, and type of thesis (factual or experimental), the period in which it is assumed a degree, and the reasons that lead the student to make a thesis with the team Tice.

Once you have received the e-mail dr. ssa Villani will set a meeting via the web to investigate the area of interest and address the research assistant to a tutor Tice specialized in the area of interest.

During the writing and research will be the research assistant, possibly in cooperation with the mentor, to maintain a relationship with the professor, speaker and informed him of the progress, the complexity and the depth of the thesis.

thesis factual/theoretical

Thesis compilation are theoretical work of average length (from 30 to 60 pages) that usually consist of a first chapter in the introduction to the general topic of your choice and a second chapter, which is structured as a systematic review of the literature, which explores a more specific aspect. 

Often we integrate the thesis compilation/theoretical with a project to form the research assistant in project proposal writing.

On our channel you tube we have created a playlist dedicated to the students in which we publish the videos that explain, for example, as in evaluating research articles, how to write the bibliography.

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Experimental thesis at Tice

The thesis is an extremely interesting work which, however, requires time and availability of the research assistant to adapt to the complexity of the applied research. The collection of data in real contexts is full of inconveniences, and often the timing of the thesis does not coincide with the needs of the child for this reason we advise you to each research assistant to assess this hypothesis. Many of the students who played the thesis with us, however, have appreciated the opportunity to be part of a community of researchers and psychologists, presenting sometimes work at national conferences. 

Our experimental thesis are usually:

  1. runs routine studies and published research 
  2. parts of a larger doctoral project. If you want to see our projects, doctoral click here.