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Mindfulness: the benefits in the age of development


Dottorata: Eusebia Armenia

In convenzione con Università degli Studi di Parma, la ricerca è condotta dalla dott.ssa Eusebia Armenia. Lo studio, in fase di ricerca bibliografica, è interessato ad esplorare le potenzialità della Mindfulness in allievi delle classi elementari.

Dr. ssa Iris Pelizzoni

I am Iris Pelizzoni. I have a degree in psychology with a thesis on applying the principles of ABA to the sport. After graduation, I started the internship, Post-Graduate courses in Tice, and thanks to professor Cavallini, I could visit the Morningside Academy in Seattle. Back in Italy, I obtained a Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (A. B. A.) and started a Ph.D. in psychology, studying behavioral strategies for acquiring and improving study skills with children DSA. I am in charge of planning and intervention, interventions, cognitive and behavioral, with children between the ages of 6 and 10 with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral, and routes of parent training and teacher training.